01. It is the [policy] of our government that no one should be without food or shelter.
02. According to the attendance [policy] in this program, you must attend at least 80% of classes.
03. There is an expression in English which notes that honesty is the best [policy].
04. The refund [policy] at this store allows you to return items for a credit, but not for cash.
05. It is not a good [policy] to ride a bicycle after drinking alcohol.
06. We need to renew our home insurance [policy] before the end of the month.
07. The [policy] of this company is that either parent can take a six-month paid leave after the birth of a child.
08. John F. Kennedy once remarked that domestic [policy] can only defeat us, but foreign [policy] can kill us.
09. President Franklin Roosevelt once said, "In the field of world [policy], I would dedicate this nation to the [policy] of the good neighbor."
10. Flamenco dancer José Greco took out an insurance [policy] against his pants splitting during a performance.
11. Drug-trafficking has become one of Bolivia's most serious foreign [policy] issues.
12. Because it is geographically isolated, Lesotho has managed to avoid many of the recent wars, racist [policies], and political instability that have troubled most of the African continent this century.
13. From 1853-1854, Commodore Matthew Perry led a naval expedition which forced Japan to end its [policy] of isolation.
14. Jane Goodall once advised that we do not have to buy products from companies with bad environmental [policies].
15. The Middle East nation of Oman has long followed a moderate, independent foreign [policy] in order to maintain good relations with all its neighbors.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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